Welcome to Anemia Central. My name is Kerri, I’m a Registered Nurse and I started  this site after I was diagnosed with Iron Deficiency Anemia in my 40’s with an iron level of 15 and a ferritin level of 4,  which is almost undectable! After I began researching anemia and iron deficiency, I was absolutely blown away by the information that I found that my years of being a nurse absolutely did not teach me, and that the vast majority of health care providers were completely missing. Looking around the internet, I saw there there were few websites even educating people on this topic!

This astouned me, there is an incredibly large body of research out there on iron deficiency and anemia, but few health care practitioners are educated about the extremely important nuances of iron deficiency, or even about the signs of the other types of anemia out there, such as Vitamin B12 Deficiency anemia, an anemia easily discovered on routine blood testing, but that is also generally ignored by most health care providers.

Intravenous Iron Infusions Saved Me

I was fortunate to run across the highly absorptive Liposomal Iron to finally get my iron levels up to ‘optimal’ levels. I shudder to think how I’d have been likely to struggle for years to get my iron levels up if I hadn’t been for the increased iron absorption of Liposomal Iron, along with my knowledge of how, when, with what, without what, and how much to take!

I Created This Site to Save You From What I Went Through

I wanted to share all of the incredible and literally jaw-dropping information that I found in my research to help myself. If you think that you know about anemia, you’re probably wrong. I was already a Registered Nurse for 15 years, and an alternative health practitioner for 5 years and I had simply not learned this information, either in nursing school, or from alternative practitioners. It’s incredibly rarely discussed.

I wrote this site to stop people from having to wait for years or even decades to get the treatment they need for the various nutrient deficiencies. And I want people to be demanding blood tests that will catch these problems early so they don’t have to suffer for years on end like I did.

It’s amazing to me that there is so much research on various types of anemia, but that most health care providers have no idea about the importance of catching these nutrient deficiencies early. It’s also amazing that there are so few sites on this and that few have taken the time to pore through the mounds of research and write a site on it in ‘layman’s terms’ to educate people on this important topic.

Well, I’m remedying that problem now, so thanks for taking the time to read and educate yourself, others, and your health care providers. Please share these pages on social media and email to help out others who might be in the same situation. Lets change the  current face of healthcare. I can’t do it without your help.

In Good Health,

Kerri Knox, RN

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