Vitamin C for Improved Iron Absorption


We are offering a Liposomal High Absorption Vitamin C product that will be the same or similar to the product listed. We cannot guarantee any brand at this time due to multiple shortages of Vitamin C products with the coronavirus issues that are going on right now.

Liposomal Vitamin C

Serving Size:5 ml Servings Per Container:30 Disclaimer
Amount Per Serving
Vitamin C (as sodium ascorbate, ascorbic acid) 1000 mg
Sodium (as sodium ascorbate) 125 mg
Natural (non-hydrogenated) Phosphatidylcholine 400 mg

Other ingredients:
Purified water, Natural Flavors, Potassium Sorbate


Maximizing iron absorption is important and, one of the best ways to do it is to add Vitamin C to your iron routine. Please see our page on Iron Absorption and Vitamin C for more information. Here is the Vitamin C product we recommend.


Vitality Vitamin C Powder from American Neutraceuticals, <mark>NOW WITH D RIBOSE</mark> is a special formulation that allows for high dose vitamin C therapy without the problem of gastrointestinal side effects other formulations have. This is the exact same formulation as Longevity Plus BioEnergy or Bio Ener G Vitamin C in a special non-acidic formula that allows far higher dosing than any other vitamin C on the market, and contains D-ribose for better absorption. Most people report the ability to take 20 grams, that’s 20,000 mg  (up to 20 grams) of vitamin C per day using Vitality Vitamin C Powder. There is virtually no other vitamin c formulation on the market that allows such high dose vitamin c therapy without the need for IV’s.

SERVING SIZE: 1 Slightly Rounded Teaspoon (6.5g)
Vitamin C (Ascorbate C crystals with FASM*) 4000 mg
GMS-Ribose ** 2000 mg
*L-Ascorbate C crystals with FASM, a uniquely Fully Attached Sodium Molecule are buffered at a non-acidic, neutral pH. This eliminates, or greatly reduces, the usual intestinal distress that occurs with some persons taking large amounts of Vitamin C.
**GMS-Ribose Glcyine Methyl Sulfone Ribose is a patented proprietary blend of methylated glycine as complexed with methyl sulfone (MSM) in a base of D-Ribose with Riboperine, a piperine extract in a patented form.
Each 1000 mg of Vitamin C actively provides 120 mg of elemental sodium.

Adults-take 1 to 4 teaspoons daily in juice or water.
For imbalances, take 1 teaspoon every one to six hours.
Children under 10 years of age-take 1/2 teaspoon per year of age daily.

Unique synergistic formula permits consuming mega doses of Vitamin C with minimal gas or diarrhea.
Individuals on a sodium restricted diet may wish to consult with their health care professional.